If you’re partial to having a healthy year-round glow and are not a fan of paying someone else to acquire it, then the best bet is to get your own tanning bed. Though there are many sides to the “golden tan” debate, more people are deciding to purchase one for personal use. Read on for more insight on what to be prepared for when deciding to brown at  home.

Bronzing In Private

Even though salon tanning is usually conducted in private quarters, getting a tanning bed like these, has its benefits.
You can use it whenever you like. Since there are no appointments to make, or lines for certain beds to wait for this is pure convenience. You control the sanitation of the bed. One can’t be too sure about how sanitary or with what most public beds are being cleaned with. No costly monthly fees, or salon memberships. No auto-debits or pushy sales people selling overly priced, fru-fru lotions, potions, and no need for upgrading your account. You can also alleviate some of the effects of SAD (seasonal affective disorder), which is various degrees of depression, brought on by gloomy winter months, and not being outside in sunlight.

Location & Safety

Of course purchasing a “personal bronzing tube” needs to be considered seriously as there are questions to ask such as: Do I have enough space for one? Do I need any special licenses or training to operate it? What about maintenance, care, cleaning and service of the bed? Safety issues if one has small children are paramount because you don’t want a little one climbing inside and playing fort. Keep in mind, all of these things are crucial especially if you’re going to spend the money and equipping your home with a solar station all your own.

Parting Thoughts

No matter if you buy used, new or refurbished, you want a unit which will deliver a uniform, safe, and quality time while tanning. Though there is a myriad of products and services related to obtaining the “surfer girl” glow, you want to be sure to choose wisely. Select a reputable company with great service, prices, who answers all of your questions, can potentially service your bed, and is somewhat local to your vicinity. When you also need up-to-date information on the industry, the newest technologies, check back in and check back often right here. We’ve got your back, and front when it comes to all things tanning beds.